Fun with Nukes

No, seriously. Want to see what damage you could do with a “Little Boy,” the Hiroshima 16kiloton device, or a “Fat Man,” the Nagasaki and Trinity test 20kiloton bomb? How about Pakistan’s largest weapon (45kt), or India’s (60kt), or perhaps France’s TN80/81 (300kt), or the US’s W-59 (Minuteman I warhead at 1Megaton), or perhaps the 1.2Megaton B-83, the largest bomb in the US arsenal. You can test out the largest bomb developed in the USSR, the Tsar Bomba weighing in at a whooping 100Megaton, for kicks. (This one is a dousy. Drop this one on my apartment in Portland, Maine and the thermal radiation would extend from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to almost Augusta, while fatalities from just the air blast effects with overpressure values of 20 pounds per square inch would be at about 100% in a 14 mile diameter around ground zero. That takes in all of Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, most of Falmouth, Westbrook, Cumberland, and Yarmouth. More or less, most of Cumberland County would be dead or dying within days.)

But, no, sorry you won’t be able to see the damage that could be inflicted by any of Israel’s 200 or so nuclear devices on Israel’s neighbors. Israel’s undeclared, unmonitored, non-Non-proliferation Treaty nuclear arsenal is still a very well kept open secret that nobody is inclined to talk about, especially in light of the possibility of it engendering an arms race in the Middle East. (Move along, Iran, nothing to see here…)

And then once you’ve gotten a sense of the destruction the world’s nuclear arsenals can inflict upon humankind, you can visit Global Zero to see the who, how, and why of the effort to rid the world of nuclear devices.


About sdemetri
Portland, Maine freelance photographer, writer, activist

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