Let Mitt Show You How It’s Done: The Bain Capital Film, or, One Way the 1% do it to the Middle Class.

(Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of Barak Obama. I didn’t vote for Barak Obama, and while I may have to this November as the lesser of two evils, thanks to our broken electoral system, I would almost prefer to sit out the whole macabre, money-soaked spectacle were it not so important to participate.)

When Mitt Romney Came to Town is, as advertised, a devastating expose of the business ethic behind this major presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. But it is much more than that. Former associate of Romney’s top strategists, Jason Killian Meath, produced the film and as the very effective former ad man for George W. Bush, is much, much less a populous advocate for the middle class as he is a political opportunist who trolled among Romney’s opponent’s campaigns looking for someone, anyone, to take up this film.

The failing Gingrich campaign reportedly paid top dollar for the rights as it now disingenuously turns to strong populous rhetoric trying to present a populous message to America’s failing middle class and regain some of the campaign’s former traction. But the import of this film is more than just an attack by an opportunistic former insider,  this is a how-to film exposing the ways the 1% have put it to, and continue to put it to, the American middle class.  Mitt is just a symptom of this much larger disease.

“We don’t have middle class people no more; rich and poor, that is it.”

The 2010 Census: One in three Americans is poor, or near poor…


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