Please sign this petition in response to Syrian oppression and torture

I have been following the work of Avaaz for a couple of years now. “Avaaz” is the word for “voice” in several Asian and middle eastern languages, and this is what Avaaz has been lending to millions of people worldwide through their advocacy and outreach efforts. By signing this petition you too will add your voice to those in Syria crying for justice and a democratic society.

The Avaaz About US page will give you an idea of the scope and effectiveness of their campaigns for human rights and democracy across the globe. With over 10 million members worldwide and through the use of technology to focus on critical, time-sensitive issues, Avaaz has drawn attention to the effects of corrupt, tyrannical governments turning the tide of public opinion toward real, meaningful progressive change.

The news coming out of Syria, in defiance of the Assad regime’s strenuous efforts to suppress and mislead, requires a strong response from the world community. Please help focus a strong light on what is happening in Syria. When 500,000 signatures have been collected, Avaaz will deliver this petition to the Arab League and the United Nations to let these organizations know there is broad public support for the Assad regime to be held accountable for the human rights violations being committed by forces loyal to Assad.


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